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第九届亚美意识月文化艺术节庆祝大会将在五月十九日周六下午举行 The 9th Annual Asian American Awareness Month Celebration on Saturday


亚美意识月由三镇华美协会和Richland图书馆共同举办,承蒙各位亲朋好友支持,活动已迈入第九年。今年的主题是「我眼中的亚洲」,除了举办「亚洲印象」摄影比赛及展览推广亚洲风景人物之美,图书馆也展出许多来自亚洲各地的艺术品和手工艺品,展示亚洲优秀的文化艺术成就。此外,今年适逢三镇中文学校40周年,学校的孩子们亲手制作了京剧脸谱彩绘作品,也在图书馆展出,展出時間一直到五月底,欢迎大家有空到图书馆走走逛逛看展览!配合今年亚美意识月活动,西雅图文化中心也捐赠了超过两百本的中文书籍给Richland Public Library,以后在三镇图书馆就能读到更多中文书。

每年的亚美月活动的重头戏是5/19周六的庆祝大会,现场会有亚洲各国传统文化表演,以及亚洲特色服饰展示走秀,另外还有亚洲文化园游会,让大家体验不同国家的特色活动,并品尝来自中国,泰国,越南,韩国,日本等各地的美食。当天活动从下午1点半到4点,地点在Richland Public Library,欢迎大家携家带眷前来和我们同乐!



The 9th Annual Asian American Awareness Month Celebration will be held on Saturday, May 19th, featuring Asian cultural performances, the “Styles of Asia” fashion show, and a cultural fair for people to experience traditional cultural activities from different countries in Asia and savor the delicious Asian food!

The Asian American Cultural Awareness Month is an important platform the showcase cultural diversity in the Tri-Cities area. It is held by the Tri-Cities Chinese American Association (TCCAA) in collaboration with Richland Public Library annually, and it has become a signature event in the City of Richland. This year, Tri-Cities is welcoming the 9th Asian Awareness Cultural and Art Exhibition, and the theme is: “Asia in My Eyes”. For the first time, TCCAA is running a “Asia in My Eyes” photo contest and exhibition, hoping to involve different Asian societies as well as the local community in the Tri-Cities to improve inclusiveness. There are over a hundred entries from all over Asia and selected photos are being displayed at Richland Public Library throughout the entire month of May. Even if you did not enter the contest, you can still participate in this amazing event by visiting the library and vote for your favorite photos.

On Saturday, May 19th, there will be a reception and celebration at Richland Public Library. There will be cultural performances and a showcase of traditional costumes of several countries in Asia. There will also be an Asian cultural fair with some of the unique activities of Asian countries such as Chinese calligraphy and Henna tattoo from India. It is a wonderful opportunity for people to get to know about and experience Asian cultures and traditions. Moreover, there will be delicious food from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and other countries for people to the flavors of Asia.

In addition, this year happens to be the 40th anniversary of the Tri-Cities Chinese Language School. There is a display of Beijing Opera facial masks made by the students in the library, and they will perform lion dance to celebrate the school’s birthday at the celebration on May 19th. Meanwhile, the Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Seattle has decided to donate hundreds of Mandarin Chinese books to Richland Public Library. The book donation ceremony will also be held on May 19th.

Tri-Cities Chinese American Association (TCCAA)

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