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1. 请首先确认您是2015年TCCAA会员,如果您不确定您的会员资格,请在申请前联系任一委员会成员以确认你的会员资格。

2. 只有2015年三鎮華美協會会员的子女才有资格申请獎學金。会员资格以2015年4月30日前交纳本年度会员费为准。

3. 请将家长和中学生姓名于2015年4月30日前email到TCCAA电子邮箱以便我们统计人数,我们将在两日内和你确认。

4. 请申请人于2015年4月30日前将申请表格email到TCCAA电子邮箱或者邮寄到TCCAA邮局信箱。我们欢迎电子表格申请,并接受通过电子邮件传递的成绩单扫描文件。

TCCAA电子邮箱地址 TCCAA邮局信箱地址:TCCAA, PO BOX 786, Richland, WA 99352


Dear TCCAA members,

It is the tradition of TCCAA to value the importance of education and recognize outstanding high school graduates in our Chinese-American community by offering scholarships on Mother's Day every year. TCCAA is a non-profit organization. The sources of the scholarships come entirely from the donations. We appreciate all the help and support from our members and local organizations.

If your child is graduating from high school this summer, it is the right time to start the application for TCCAA scholarships for outstanding high school graduates:

1. Please make sure that you are an active member of TCCAA in 2015 and have paid your membership fee on time.

2. The deadline for paying the membership fee is April 30, 2015.

3. Please email the applicant's name (and the parents' names) to us before April 30, 2015. We will send out confirmations within two days.

4. Please email or mail us the complete application form and a copy of the transcript before April 30, 2015. We encourage electronic application.

TCCAA email: TCCAA Mailing address: TCCAA, PO BOX 786, Richland, WA 99352

The scholarship committee is composed of the 2015 TCCAA Board members 空白申请表 blank application form (word file)

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