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一 基本条件

1. 具备较强的计算机知识以及网络设计基础。

2. 热心公益事业,具有奉献精神。

二 服务内容

1. 搭建三镇华美协会官网 (。

2. 审核网页内容,管理网站论坛。

3. 负责定期网络升级,维护。

三 工作要求

1. 有较充足的时间进行网络搭建及维护。

2. 有团队合作精神。

3. 有耐心,责任心强。

四 报名方式

1. 发电子邮件到三镇华美协会官方邮箱。

2. 寄信到三镇华美协会,地址是:TCCAA,PO Box 786,Richland,WA 99352。





TCCAA Website Design and Maintenance Volunteer Recruitment

Dear friends,

In order to expand the social influences of Tri-Cities, accelerate the spread and advertisement of community information, and improve the communication of local community, Tri-Cities Chinese American Association (TCCAA) decide to upgrade our official website. We are in need of several volunteers, eventually form a team for website design and maintenance. Everyone who loves public service and website design is welcome to join the team and contribute to the development of the community. Meanwhile, we really appreciate if you could pass this information to your friends and family members. If needed, TCCAA will issue the certificate for the website design volunteers.

1. General Qualifications

· Basic knowledge of computer science and website design

· Dedication to public service

2. Job Description

· Design and update the TCCAA official website (

· Audit webpage contents and manage website forum.

· Update and maintain the website regularly.

3. Duties and Responsibilities

· Guarantee relatively sufficient time for the website design and maintenance.

· Good communication and teamwork skills.

· Be patient and responsible. .

4. How to Apply

· Send email to TCCAA:

· Send mail to TCCAA. The address is: TCCAA, PO Box 786, Richland, WA 99352

In the email or mail, please provide us with your name, contact information, and a brief self-introduction.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Tri-Cities Chinese American Association (TCCAA)

March 15 2015

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