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三鎮中文學校中國字推廣活動於10月5日圓滿結束。 此次推廣活動主要以公開課的形式表現,分別於9月28日和10月5日下午3:00- 4:00進行。同時配有古箏表演,受到了廣大小朋友和大朋友們的喜愛。

此次公開課,首先以實例的形式主要介紹了中國字的起源和演變歷史,如水、山、石、傘等字的演變。 讓孩子們簡單而透徹地理解了中國古人造字的獨具匠心。 課堂上老師巧妙地發問、學生積極地應答形成了良性的互動,氣氛熱烈而融洽。

第二階段,公開課老師組合之前所學之象形文字形成卡通故事短片,寓教於樂。 故事幽默有趣,孩子們看的津津有味,不時發出會意的陣陣笑聲。通過此短片,孩子們不僅記住了有趣的故事,短片上活靈活現的象形文字更是讓他們難以忘懷。

整個活動最後在琴藝精湛的李倩老師一首古箏名曲《漁歌唱晚》中達到了高潮。 課堂上的所有孩子和家長都靜靜地聽著,默默地看著。 琴弦剛落,熱烈的掌聲響起,很多小朋友都迫不及待地走上去摸一摸……


The program for introducing Chinese characters ended successfully.

Tri-Cities Chinese Language School has just finished two free classes for introducing the history of Chinese character creation, evolution, and application on Sep. 28th and Oct. 5th. The classes consisted of three parts:

In the beginning, the teacher exemplarily introduced the history of Chinese character creation and evolution such as the word water, mountain, stone and umbrella. In this way, students could clearly understand the development of Chinese characters. In addition, to attract attention and to stimulate the audience’s curiosity, the teacher raised many questions in the class.

Then the video time came. The video was a short story which is correlated with Chinese characters taught in the classes. The story was so interesting, particularly the active pictograph character, that all the audience was absorbed. With this video, students not only remembered the funny cartoon story, but understood the creation and development of Chinese characters more deeply.

At last, all the programs ended in the famous music yu ge chang wan played by Qian Li with a 21-or 25-stringed plucked instrument(a classical Chinese instrument).

Overall, the programs mentioned above stimulate students’ interest in Chinese character and culture, improve their understanding the history of Chinese character evolution, and thus promote the population and spread of Chinese characters in the world.

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