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China in my eyes by George Zhang

Most people might think that going to school on vacation is boring or is not fun. However, on this trip, it was different than you would ever think. At first it seems like nothing. Just desks sitting in a row with a teacher standing there waiting. It seems almost worse than regular school, but once class starts, it’s fantastic. The teacher is super nice to us and all the students are very nice and we all become friends fast. Class isn’t stressful it’s super relaxed but we still learn plenty of stuff. We got to sing a lot of songs and practice out dialogue speaking as well as learning the newer terms people use in China now. All the stuff we learned there was very applicable to use during our stay in China. In fact, when I was buying stuff, I got to use what I learned by saying 老板多少钱?It was a very nice feeling to know that I got to use something I learned just a few days ago. This part of the trip was a very satisfying part of the trip.

China is a wonderful place. Almost nothing could make it better. ALMOST. With the whole group, it made the whole trip so much better. The whole time we would be laughing and just be having a good time with each other. Everyone quickly became friends with each other and by the end of it we were practically best friends. All our best moments were with each other. We just made each other happy and we made the trip even better. At the start I think we were all expecting an awkward, boring trip. But because we all became friends the trip was beyond our dreams. Doing things by yourself can be fun, but once you’re with friends, it becomes so much better. There’s no number big enough to say how much better it gets. The memories I made there with my group will stay with me for a lifetime and because of this trip we will stay in touch. Even if the place was terrible, I know that with these friends would have made it a great trip.

This trip was more I could have ever imagined it. I wasn't expecting anything out of this trip at all. But in the end this has got to be one of my most favorite trips in the course of my life. Everything about it was fantastic! If I could relive this trip I would change nothing for every moment was perfect! The places, the learning and the people! All the people that I now call friends are what made this trip. I hope to always keep in touch and hope we can have a group reunion soon.

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