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母亲节活动圆满成功-Mother's Day Celebration a success





2014 Mother’s Day Celebration

and Scholarship Awards Ceremony for High School Graduates

2014 Mother’s Day Celebration and Scholarship Awarding Ceremony of High School Graduates were co-held by Tri-Cities Chinese Alliance Church (TCCAC), Tri-Cities Chinese Language School (TCCLS) and Tri-Cities Chinese American Association (TCCAA) in the Chinese Alliance Church nearby the beautiful riverbank of Columbia River on May 11, 2014. More than 200 Chinese gathered together to celebrate the Mother’s Day with flowers and songs, and to award the scholarship to the excellent high school graduates.

We are greatly thankful to the brothers and sisters in the Chinese Church, to the Chinese Language School, to the warm-hearted people in the Chinese community. We would like to thank Family Garden Chinese Restaurant for the delicious lunch, and the Award Ceremony Presenter, Mr Sun Yongsheng, and the parents of four graduates, and Photographer, Zhe Feng, for capturing the beautiful moment for us. We appreciate the wonderful Mother’s Day with you! We appreciate the share and testament of the children growth process!

Best wish to all high school graduates! Hope they could pursue their dreams with full of courage in their lives, and they could write the beautiful chapter for their youth!






今年通过申请和评审,共有四位高中毕业生获得2014年TCCAA 奖学金,他们不仅学习成绩优良,而且热心公益活动,积极为社区服务。2014年TCCAA奖学金获得者名单如下:

中文名 English Name Parents' Names

李辰光 Chenchen Li 李利宇,韦葵

王渌溪 Lucy Wang 王勇,李晓红

刘恩慧 Anne Liu 刘崇炫,汪乐燕

夏功宝 Alexander Elwell Ralph Elwell, 夏吉华

TCCAA President’s Address at the 2014 Scholarship Awards Ceremony for High School Graduates

Dear friends,

Good morning. I appreciate your coming to 2014 Mother’s Day Celebration and Scholarship Awarding Ceremony for High School Graduates co-held by Tri-Cities Chinese Alliance Church (TCCAC), Tri-Cities Chinese Language School (TCCLS) and Tri-Cities Chinese American Association (TCCAA). I am in charge of TCCAA in 2014. Now I announce the 2014 Scholarship Awarding Ceremony is going to be started.

While now we are immersed in the beautiful riverside of Columbia River, while now we are immersed in the joyfulness of achievement in our scientific research, while we are immersed in the happy families in Tri-Cities, do you remember or do you know the Tri-Cities areas are the barren dissert thirty years ago? Do you remember the strangeness and loneliness when we first came in America or Tri-Cities? Do you remember the warm hands during the journey of pursuing our dreams here? All these changes occurred in the magical lands are the results of full of love here. Just because the love has been flowing among us, we could have the cozy Chinese Community. We are grateful to everyone in the Chinese Community!

The donation for the scholarship is our interpretation of love. The light check concentrates the course of pursuing our dreams by ourselves, and the light check carries the hopes of old generations, and the light check actually is the heavy love. Wish the love would be passed on forever!

This year there are four high school graduates to gain the scholarship through the application and evaluation. All of them not only study hard, but also have public spirit and enthusiasm to serve for the community! Congratulations to all four awarded graduates!

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