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亞裔文化月展演通知-Asian American Awareness Month Exhibition/Performance


The 5th Annual Asian American Awareness Month Cultural Exhibition-The Wedding Stories

  • 展覽日期:2014年5月2-30日

  • 酒會和藝文表演: 5月17日,下午2-4點

  • 地點:富城市市立圖書館

  • Exhibition Dates: May 2-May 30, 2014

  • Reception and Cultural Performance: May 17, 2-4pm

  • Location: Richland Public Library





In Chinese tradition, the wedding ritual follows the rites of three books and six etiquettes. From pre-wedding arrangements to actual wedding ceremonies, there are complex customs to follow. This year, the focus of the Asian American Awareness Month will be the Wedding Stories. In this exhibition, we will introduce traditional wedding customs, iconography, symbolism, and aesthetics in Asian culture. Besides artifacts related to wedding ceremonies, this exhibition includes wedding stories gathered from Asian American community members in the Tri-Cities. These real stories will provide vivid examples of how and why the wedding is considered the most important rite of passage in Asian Culture.

This year, with help from the Taipei Economic Cultural Office in Seattle, we are able to display artifacts and dresses made for traditional wedding ceremony. We also thank the Consulate General of China in San Francisco for granting us the right to display informative posters on the introductions to Wedding Traditions. We hope, after this exhibition, you will be able to understand more about the culture and customs of Asian weddings and their symbolic meanings.






藝文表演節目/Cultural Performance Program (下載節目單/Download program flyer)

  • Speech by special guest 來賓發言

  • Chinese Wedding Show 中式婚礼

  • Performers: Lindsey Styron, Zhiyuan Hu(胡志遠), Yongsheng Sun(孫永勝), Stone Luo(羅時東), Anne Wang (王埔琴), Daping Wang (王大平), Fangqiao Mou (牟芳橋), Rushi Yan(閻如師),Libing Zhang (張麗兵), Kaixin Hou(侯凱馨), Catherine Meng (孟楊), NiNi Wang(王乐漪)

  • Lady Mouse Got Married 老鼠娶親

  • Performers: Tri-Cities Chinese Language School (三鎮中文學校) Instructor (指導): Qiaoxin Weng (翁巧欣)

  • Happy Kongzhu Dance 快樂空竹操

  • Performers: Forest Du(杜淘淘),Vivian Liu(刘雅薇), Andy Liu(刘宏宸),Hanah Qian(钱依信),Benjamin Zhang(张永健)

  • Chinese Dance 中國舞: Jasmin 茉莉花, Gathered Happily Together 歡聚一堂

  • Performers: Sharon Guo (郭晓颖), Migo Knabe, Yan Shi (石岩),Yuxia Wu (吴玉霞),Courtney Zhang (张淙), Hui Wang(王暉),Xiaohong Li(李曉紅), Hongfei Cha(查虹飛), Chunxiu Xu(胥純秀), Yu Sun(孫瑜), Kui Wei(韋葵)

  • Violin Performance 小提琴演奏

  • Performers: Jena Chiang, Anastasia Crosier, Kathy Hu, Jessica Hu, Lisa Hu, Amy Huo, Vivian Liu, Jessie Shi, Diana Wang.

  • Song: Little Butterfly 小蝴蝶

  • Singer: Celina-Lin Olvera

  • Activity after performance-Chinese Hand Crafting (剪纸)

  • Instructor : Mengshi Wang (王夢詩), Fang Han(韓放)

  • Snacks and drinks after 2:30PM 两点半开始提供点心茶水


  • 焦淑紅/Shuhong Jiao, 三鎮華美協會會長/TCCAA President

  • 陳怡倩/Yichien Cooper, 策展人/Guest Curator


三鎮華美協會/Tri-Cities Chinese American Association (TCCAA)


富城市市立圖書館/Richland Public Library

特別感謝/Special Thanks

  • 中國駐舊金山總領館/Consulate General of China in San Francisco

  • 西雅圖台北經濟文化辦事處,僑教中心/Taipei Economic Cultural Office in Seattle

  • 三鎮中文學校/Tri-Cities Chinese Language School


  • ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston

  • Friends of Library

  • Sakura Restaurant

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