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1st TCCAA Advisory Board Meeting-首届顾问委员会会议


2014届三镇华美协会理事会为了使华美协会能够更好地为三镇华人服务,为三镇华人社区谋取更大的福利,在广泛征求三镇华人意见的前提下,选取了12名来自不同领域的华人代表组成了首届三镇华美协会顾问委员会。首届三镇华美协会顾问委员会成员是来自三镇政府机构、高校、科研机构、多年来积极参与华人社团活动的热心人士,他们不仅富有经验,而且乐于奉献。我们相信华美协会在顾问委员会的指导和帮助下,一定能为三镇华人社区的发展作出更大的贡献。 三镇华美协会于2014年3月22日下午在Richland Pubic Library召开了首届顾问委员会会议。会议主要讨论了华美协会本年度的发展规划及重要活动。大家畅所欲言、献计献策,在华美协会网站的建设及更新、鼓励当地华人积极融入当地社区、为华人儿童和青少年的成长提供展现的舞台等方面达成共识。 2014届三镇华美协会理事会和顾问委员会将会竭尽全力为三镇华人社区的发展贡献自己的力量!

1st TCCAA Advisory Board Meeting

In order to provide better service to the Chinese community in the Tri-Cities area, 2014 TCCAA board has established the first advisory board. The advisory board members came from the local government, universities, scientific research institutions, and other organizations, who are well-experienced and full of enthusiasm to dedicate themselves to serve the community. We believe TCCAA will make greater contributions to the community under the guidance and help of the TCCAA advisory board. The 1st TCCAA advisory board meeting was held at Richland Public Library on March 22, 2014. The meeting focused on the development of TCCAA and important events planned for 2014. After enthusiastic discussions, the board has reached agreement on several issues, including maintaining and updating of the TCCAA website, helping and encouraging local Chinese to integrate into the local community, and providing more services and platforms for the younger generation. 2014 TCCAA board and advisory board will try our best to devote ourselves to the Chinese community in the Tri-cities area.

2014 TCCAA 顾问委员会成员 (2014 Advisory Board Members)

姓 名 Name

陈杏元 Xingyuan Chen

陈怡倩 Yichien Cooper

胡大中 Albert Hu

李一红 Ruby Li

刘 俊 Jun Liu

屈 毅 Yi Qu

石 岩 Yan Shi

孙永胜 Yongsheng Sun

王 磊 Lei Wang

王 勇 Yong Wang

夏吉华 Chihua Elwell (Eva)

赵 瑞 Rui Zhao

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