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我们很荣幸的向大家介绍新任2013年中文学校校长李一红女士(Mrs. Ruby Li-Just)。李一红女士从事金融和财务二十年,退休之后又热心支持和参与中文学校的工作至今已经又三年。作为启蒙班的老师,她深受小朋友和家长的喜爱。李一红女士除了热爱儿童教育,还喜爱旅游,摄影和园艺。李女士的先生是退休教授,儿子即将硕士毕业。李一红女士的任期始于2013年秋季。 历届校长对中文学校的发展付出了心血,尤其感谢罗慰萱校长的贡献。希望在李一红女士的带领下,中文学校会进一步发展, 感谢大家对中文学校的支持,今后还望大家继续支持和参与中文学校的建设和发展。 此致



We are glade to announce our new principle of Chinese Language School – Mrs. Ruby Li-Just for 2013. Mrs. Li-Just worked in Finance and Accounting area for almost 20 years. She worked in Chinese Language School after she retired. She has be the Kindergarten’s teacher for three years and is loved by both students and parents. Mrs. Li-Just loves to travel, photography and gardening beside her passion on early education. Her husband is a retried professor and her son will receive his master’s degree from university this spring. Mrs. Ruby Li-Just will start her principle duty from Fall 2013. All the principle had contributed a lot to Chinese Languages School. Vera Lei has played a key part on the improvement of the school. Our school will move further under the lead of the Mrs. Li-Just. We appreciate for all your help and support and hope you continue to help and involve the improvement of our school. Regards, TCCLS

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