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如果大家有关于活动的摄影作品愿意和其他会员分享,我们也可以帮助转发。 另外,特别感谢夏吉华(Eva)辛勤策划和全程领导粽子的制作。卓辉,邵洪波,夏长平,多位热心的探访妈妈们,以及很多热心朋友也付出了大量时间提供帮助。特别感谢三镇华人宣道会为活动提供包粽子的场地!感谢赵瑞,屈毅,林伟雄,李富亮,Jason 候等很多朋友帮助组织现场的活动。 同时感谢Sunrise Dental为活动提供奖品。Sunrise Dental准备在今年夏天为华人社区提供很多的优惠活动,比如$150 New Patient credit, $25 referral credit and Super Thursday Special. 针对没有保险的探亲老人和雇员提供免费的Denture咨询和低价的检查服务。 感谢大家对端午节活动的支持和参与!

Dear All,

Hope the Dragon Boat (Duanwu) Festival on June 16 added some fun to your summer! We recorded some great moments during this event. The pictures can be viewed through the following link:

We can also help to forward your great pictures to all members if you have some to share.

Special thanks to Eva for leading the project of making rice dumplings. Hui Zhuo, Hongbo Shao, Changpin Xia, some visiting moms, and many other warm-hearted friends contributed a lot of time in the project, too. Tri-Cities Chinese Alliance Church provided the place and tools. Thanks to Rui Zhao, Yi Qu, Weixong Lin, Fuliang Li and Jason Hou for helping organizing the activities during the event.

The prizes for activities were provided by Sunrise Dental. Sunrise Dental is providing many discounts for the Chinese community in the summer, such as $150 New Patient credit, $25 referral credit and Super Thursday Special.

Last but not the least, thanks to all who participated in the event and had a lot of fun. You enjoying it is all we care about!

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