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G.W.Way施工,開車違規吃罰單 Cops ticketing George Washington Way drivers

近來George Washington Way上在施工,請大家注意看標誌駕駛,否則容易被給tickets。據Tri-city Herald報導,Richland 警察局從6月1日到7月5日,對違反施工區規定的司機開出114張罰單。其中95%是因為違反交通控制設備。詳情點擊:Tri-city Herald

Richland cops ticketing George Washington Way drivers Please follow the sign in constuction zone when you drive along George Washington Way in Richland. Richland Police Department has issued 114 tickets between June 1 and July 5 for violations in the construction zone. Ninety-eight violations were for failures to obey traffic control devices. Click here for details: Tri-city Herald

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