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We apprciate your donation


Without your support, we cannot accomplish what we have done.  We manage your donation with care and heart.  The TCCAA Committee members are elected yearly from the members to run the orgnization.  The Committee set the budget at the beginning of the year according to the Bylaws and use funds from membership and donation accordingly.  And at the end of the year, the finiancial report of the spendings are published to the members and the public.  You can desiganate your donation for "general use" or for "scholarship use".


You can write us a check and mail it to:


TCCAA - General/Scholorship Donation

P.O. Box 786,

Richland, WA, 99352



We value your talent, warm heart and effort too


Every of our events are brought to you by tens, if not hundreds, of volunteers. From performers to stage crews, from orgnizers to photogrphers, from web masters to social media communicators, every volunteer brings their talent to TCCAA.  We, as a return, use our resource to provide the best stage for you to shine.

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