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The first wave of Chinese emigration to Tri-Cites started in early 70s, right after US atomic commission decision of building the FFTF. Ever since, the Tri-Cities Chinese community has grown steadily.  The proliferation of the Tri-Cities Chinese community started in early 90s. A wave after another of Chinese engineers, scientists, post-doctors and other professionals have found their homes in Tri-Cities.


The first Chinese generation in Tri-Cities, most of them are from Taiwan and Hong Kong, are near retirement. Their kids have grown up. The majority of them have finished high education and entered the society. Among them are doctors, attorneys, engineers, scientists, educators, etc. That is a pure reflection of thousands of years of Chinese tradition on childhood education.


The new generation of Tri-Cities Chinese is mostly from Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South-East Asia. They come here with passion for success and prosperity. Some of the new comers may start with tenuous love of the area because the Tri-Cities is relatively small and remote. But soon they discovered that the area is full of opportunity and a great place for raising their kids. Many Tri-Cities Chinese have found their homes here quickly and most of the Tri-Cities Chinese professionals have succeeded in their endeavors for career growth. The Chinese tradition of overwhelming tenacity and assiduous attention to work and family are often rewarded well here in Tri-Cities.


To accommodate the rapid growth of Chinese community, Tri-Cities Chinese American Association (TCCAA) was established in 1975. The mission of the TCCAA is to improve the communication, to forge the friendship and camaraderie between the members, to promote the Chinese American cultural exchange, and to make the local community to have better understanding of Chinese society and Chinese culture.


Tri-Cities is the place with a galaxy of talents. Many Chinese kids have made highest scholastic achievements. In the mean time, they also demonstrated fantastic music and artistic talents. Many adults and parents have also unfolded nearly professional dancing and singing aptitudes.


The performances in each year’s moon festival and spring festival are the window opportunities for cultural exchange with local community and the star search for new talents. Please join the TCCAA and help us to grow and promote the association.







 近來到三鎮年輕一代的中國人,大都來自中國大陸、台灣、香港與東南亞地區。他們滿懷著熱情與希望來到這裡,剛開始有些人不喜歡這個鞭長莫及的小鎮,但很快地 發現這個地方充滿生機,並且是撫育孩子的絕佳環境。許多三鎮華人很快在此建立起家園並且在事業上步步高昇。在此更彰顯出中國人專注事業和家庭上堅忍勤奮的 傳統特性。






每年的中秋節與春節晚會的表演是與當地社區間的文化交流與發掘才藝的一個機會。請加入三鎮華美協會(TCCAA) 並與我們一起茁壯成長。

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